Magnets & Magnetism in Astrometry

For those of you who don’t know much about the scientific world of magnets & magnetism, let me put it to you in simple terms. A magnet, if you didn’t know, is a magnet. It attracts or repels when something touches it. The opposite holds true for a magnet. The force that keeps a magnet in one place and keeps it from moving is known as a magnetic field. The force that keeps a magnet at rest, not moving, is called a magnet’s attraction to an outside force.

Magnets Magnetism in Astrometry


All the fields created by magnets are made up of magnetism. As I said above, they are attracted to other magnets and repelled by an outside force. There are several ways for a magnet to be magnetized. Some magnets have a permanent magnetism while others change their magnetic fields depending on which way they spin. This is called flux and it is also how the sun, moon and planets get magnetized.


Now here are some ways of measuring the magnetic fields created by magnets. You can use a compass, a magnetometer, and a magnetometer. You can do a magnetometer to help determine the strength of a magnetic field by taking a reading with the help of a magnet. The magnetometer will then give you the magnetic field in your room or wherever you are. The magnetometer works well and is inexpensive to buy. With just a little bit of magnetism and gravity in astrometry, you can learn more about the forces that keep a magnet in a given space.

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